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🚀 Chat with mavic, enhanced idea playground and banlist 🚀


We’re enjoying the process, are you? 😁

Yes, we’re releasing yet another set of awesome features, and this is definitely the most awesome ones yet. ⚡

We couldn’t have come so far without the support of this community, so if you’ve not yet subscribed, what are you waiting for? Anyway, presenting our latest features lineup

🥁 drumroll 🥁

Chat with mavic is now live 🪄

This is still in beta, but through chat with mavic, you can get all the benefits of ChatGPT 4o, but enhanced with all your brand information and data. Chat is designed to help you easily retrieve any information relevant to your data, and give you quick insights rapidly. Literally like an AI brand marketer who is ready to be your companion at any time in the day!

mavic can help you do google search, read websites, come up with creative ideas, and even impersonate your customers so you can have a conversation with them!

That’s not all, through chat you can transform any insights to content ideas that can be used within mavic!

Writing styles enhanced with banlist

(only available to subscribed users)

No one wants to sound like a robot. That’s why we’ve built a banlist feature to help you remove all those pesky AI-sounding words you don’t want for your brand.

Simply navigate to your brand book, and look for banlist. We’ve even provided an initial list of commonly used AI words that you can copy and paste into your own settings.

Remember that the more you finetune mavic, the more mavic can learn to sound exactly like your brand. Have fun with this feature, we sure did! 😁

Carousel Templates are now made for your brand

Carousels from mavic will now be generated with your logo, your website and very soon, in your brand colours!

If you have configured your brand kit within brand book, carousels created through Magic Generator will automatically pick up your logo and website so you have publish-ready content that’s perfectly crafted for your brand!

Content editor is as simple as type-and-click

Sometimes all we need is a simple post. And with mavic you can.

Click ‘Create Content’, choose what content you need, and type in your instruction. Then simply use the mavic translator to generate caption with the writing style of your choice.

Idea playground is now enhanced

Great ideas are contextual, requires research and need to be relevant to your brand. That’s why we’ve also enhanced our idea playground with functionalities similar to chat. Now you can do your market research before using it for idea generation!

That’s all for now, but we have some even more exciting features in the pipeline. Look out for the following in our upcoming release!

  • Social integrations with Facebook

  • Social performance tracking

  • Apply brand colours to content

Got any ideas you think would make mavic even more magical? Send them our way at!

🚀 mavic 2.0 - building the world's first AI brand marketer 🚀


Sit tight, this time it’s more than just a UX change, it’s marketing magic. 🪄

Creative thinking made easy with 🔥idea playground🔥

We’ve introduced a creative space to help businesses think of on-brand and relevant content ideas. With the chat interface, you can easily command mavic with any requests for creativity.

An 🔥AI-Powered Planner🔥 that ideates, creates, schedules and publishes content

We spent a bit of time on this, designing an interface that could make content creation easier, more flexible and fun for our users.

The planner is a workspace for you to:

✅ Add all upcoming marketing events as notes

✅ Create and schedule ideas

Create, schedule and publish content to connected social media channels!

✅ Rearrange your content plan with drag and drop interface

✅ Access idea playground without navigating away

Convert ideas to content with just one click ✨

Easily select any saved ideas from the planner and change them into content. This feature supports:

✅ Social media captions

✅ Longform content - blogs, emails, press release

✅ Carousel generation from brand templates

While we do not have AI image generation yet, we’ve connected mavic to high quality stock image platforms to help find the most suitable images to complement your idea.

Let your creativity have free reign with our image editor 🎨

✅ Full control over content

✅ Access brand kit and uploads for easy content designing

✅ A library of templates for all marketing needs

Personalized 🔥brand strategies🔥 in minutes

We’ve enhanced the brand personality feature with 2 new branding frameworks - Carl Jung and MBTI. You can also now provide your feedback and inputs to mavic according to what you like about the recommendations.

🔥Custom writing styles🔥 designed for any brand voice

You can now create multiple writing styles for your brand, all to your liking! Different writing styles can be selected during content generation based on the required tone.

In case you didn’t notice, we’ve also embedded some fun little easter eggs into the platform. 😝 Our goal is to design a truly made-for-brands marketing system that will enhance your creativity while being a great productivity assistant.

As always, we’re on the lookout for ideas on how to help you market better. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please email us at


🔥 Announcing mavic 2.0 🔥 UX makeover, Instagram publishing and branded uploads


Is it just us or does something look different around here? 👀

🎨 UX makeover: More intuitive and consistent look-and-feel

After receiving much valuable feedback, we made enhancements on the platform’s user interface, making it easier to navigate the platform!

With this new change, you will be able to easily access your Brand information and make refinements on-the-go!

We love your valuable feedback, and are always constantly challenging ourselves to make the platform better.

Feel free to give it a try, and drop your feedback or suggestions at! Thanks! 🤗

🗓️ New Feature: Instagram publishing is now available!

Finally, Instagram publishing is now available! ⚡⚡⚡

You can now publish Instagram Carousel and Instagram Image to Caption posts directly from mavic!

And of course, you will be able to view all your published posts in the Content Calendar.

Note: The integration feature is available only on paid plans.

🌈 New Feature: Upload and use your images in image editor

We are excited to bring you the Uploads functionality. Now, you can easily upload your image files onto the platform and directly use them in our Image Editor when generating content assets!

Once you have uploaded your images, you can add them to your content assets directly from the Uploads panel within the Image Editor!

Note: Users on free plan have a maximum storage limit of 100MB.

📢 Announcement: we’ve retired projects!

After much consideration, we have decided to retire projects from the platform to make things seamless for our users. All data has been successfully migrated so you shouldn’t experience any functionality lapses. 😊

👀 What’s Next?

Here’s a sneak peek of the list of upcoming features we’re working out:

  • New and improved Branding framework to ensure your content always sound on-brand every time!

  • Schedule the publishing of your posts

  • Watch out for more of our Content Calendar enhancements!

  • And many more…

🥰 We hope you like the updates that we have rolled out!

If you are facing issues or have suggestions on how to better improve the product, please email us at


📢📢📢 Get on the brand-wagon with our latest feature drops!


😎 We’re getting on the brand-wagon.

🎨 New Feature: Upload your branded templates

Need content quick but don’t want to spend time update brand fonts and colours every single time? With branded templates, easily apply your unique brand templates to all generated content. This is found within the brand kit in our image editor.

Simply click on your brand template and it will apply onto your content asset automagically.

Currently, you can raise a request to the mavic team via email (, and we will upload your brand templates for you.

🗓️ Feature Enhancement: Image previews & holidays within content calendar

The Content Calendar is enhanced with a newer look which provides image previews for all your published posts.

Click each asset to expand and view the full content.

Public holidays are now available - select the country of your choice and they will appear as green tags on the content calendar, and help with future ideation!

🌈 Enhanced Feature: Add images to LinkedIn text posts

LinkedIn Text Post Generator now allows you to add images! Once you turn on ‘Edit’ mode, click on the “Add image” button, select your image files and click Publish.

👀 What’s Next?

Here’s a sneak peek of the list of upcoming features we’re working out:

  • Publish Instagram posts with image and text

  • Schedule the publishing of your posts

  • More Content Calendar enhancements

  • Brand colors recommendation

  • And many more…

🥰 We hope you like the updates that we have rolled out!

If you are facing issues or have suggestions on how to better improve the product, please email us at


🎉 Major Update 🎉 Magic Generator, Image-to-Caption, Instant content preview and more!


It’s a 🔥🔥🔥 week!

MAJOR Refresh: Content Hub

Guess what… We have decided to revamp the entire look-and-feel of the Content Hub! Now it looks so much better! We hope you agree too! 🥺🥺🥺

We’ve added a favorites tab for you to mark frequently used content within the Content Hub.

Major Refresh: Introducing the Magic Generator 🪄

Now you can preview your created content on-the-fly.

When you choose a content asset type you like to create, a brand new Content Editor interface awaits you.

Within this Content Editor, you can:

  • Ideate and generate assets in the Magic Generator left panel

  • Review and select previously generated assets in the center panel

  • Do your final text/image edits and publish the selected asset on the right panel

All content editors for all other content asset types such as LinkedIn Text Post, Instagram Bio, Instagram Carousel, X Bio, Quotes, Email Marketing and Press Release have also been updated. 😇

🔥 New Feature: Google Ads Preview

Don’t know how to evaluate dynamic Google ads? We’ve got you. You can now preview the combination of headlines and descriptions and see how your ads show up on Google.

🌈 New Feature: Instagram Image Caption Generator

You can now upload your brand’s or product’s image and let Mavic auto-generate an Instagram image caption that caters to your brand or product!

We are working hard to bring in the feature to publish to Instagram directly! For now, you can publish to the Content Calendar.

✌️ Enhancement: New YouTube About Page Styles

More style variants are now available for creating YouTube About descriptions

  • Storytelling and Narrative

  • Personal and Vlog-Style

  • Thematic or Niche-Specific

  • Mysterious or Enigmatic

  • Philosophical or Thought-Provoking

  • Futuristic or Sci-Fi Oriented

  • Retro or Vintage-Themed

  • Minimalist or Abstract

  • Poetic or Literary

  • Satirical or Parody

👀 What’s Next?

Here’s a sneak peek of the list of upcoming features in the pipeline:

  • Content Calendar updates - watch out for this!

  • Brand colors recommendation

  • Publish Instagram posts with image and text

  • Publish LinkedIn posts with image

  • Schedule the publishing of your posts

  • And many more…

🥰 We hope you like the updates that we have rolled out!

If you are facing issues or have suggestions on how to better improve the product, please email us at


🎨 Brand Kit, Quotes and New Instagram/LinkedIn Carousel Styles


⚡ Save time on branded content with our latest feature drops! ⚡

🌈 New Feature: Brand Kit

You can now add in your Brand Colors and Brand Fonts under the Brand Kit page.

Is that all? No!

You can also use them directly in the Image Editor to style your content assets! Features include:

  • Apply your brand colors onto elements

  • Create text elements using your font styles

  • Apply your font styles onto text elements

👀 Psst… This feature is still work-in-progress, but we wanted to show you a preview of how it can be used. Stay tuned for more enhancements to come!

🔥 New Feature: Quotes

We’ve added generation of Quotes content asset in the Content Hub.

Create quotes in different styles such as Inspirational, Love, Motivational, Philosophical, Humorous, Poetic and more!

🎉 Enhancement: New Instagram Carousel Styles

We’ve added more styles to generate your favorite Instagram Carousels!

  • Routine guide to _______

  • Spotlight on customers

  • Product announcement

  • Behind-the-scenes to _______

✨ Enhancement: New LinkedIn Carousel Styles

More style variants are now available for creating LinkedIn Carousels!

  • How to guide to _______

  • Routine guide to _______

  • Spotlight on customers

  • Product announcement

  • Behind-the-scenes to _______

🛠️ General Improvements

  • Improved website’s mobile-responsiveness

Please go ahead and try them out! If you have suggestions on how to better improve the product, please email us at


✌️😎 New Features: Brand Name Ideation, Product Catalogue and Content Themes! 😎✌️


In case you haven’t noticed.. here are the latest feature drops 🔥

🌎 Are you a non-profit?

Because now you can assign it to your brand!

We also offer a 50% discount on licenses to all nonprofits. Read more here.

🔥 Enhancement: Brand Name Ideation

You can now come up with brand name ideas using interesting styles such as Elegant, Quirky and Futuristic, while at the same time, permutate with different number of syllables and words!

💥 New Feature: Product Catalogue

Need to promote the same product across different content pieces? Now you can create your own product catalogue and use them within the content hub!

🎉 New Feature: Content Themes

Fact. Great branding comes from consistency. The latest Content Themes module is designed so that you can ideate unlimited ideas but within the same topics that are relevant to your brand.

With this, you can now select your desired content theme when generating content assets, and deliver consistent brand messaging — anytime, anywhere.

Please go ahead and try them out!

Feel free to contact us at if you have any further questions.


🚀 New LinkedIn Text Post Generation and More Content Styles! 🚀


Here are the latest feature drops 🔥

🔥 Added LinkedIn Text Post Generation and Publishing

You can now generate LinkedIn Text Posts with 8 different content styles!

Posts can be directly published to your connected LinkedIn pages.

✨ Added 5 New Instagram Bio Content Styles

Here are more variants of Instagram Bios for your selection ~

  • Storytelling

  • Personal and Relatable

  • Informative and Educational

  • Quirky and Unique

  • Call-to-Action Focused

✅ Added 5 New Instagram Carousel Content Styles

We have also included 5 additional content styles for generating different Instagram Carousel ideas and templates.

  • 5 questions often asked to us

  • 5 __________ recommendations

  • 5 product features you can’t miss out on

  • 5 service features you can’t miss out on

  • How to guide to _______

🎉 Added 5 New LinkedIn Carousel Content Styles

And finally, 5 more new content styles for creating more awesome LinkedIn Carousels!

  • 5 _______ hacks

  • 5 questions often asked to us

  • 5 __________ recommendations

  • 5 product features you can’t miss out on

  • 5 service features you can’t miss out on

Try them out and feel free to contact us at if you have any further questions.


Welcome to - Let's get started! 💫


We took the plunge and pushed a button, and now we’re live! Mavic is designed to specifically help brand owners and marketers in:

  • Branding | Providing recommendations on your brand personality and positioning.

  • Customer Profiles | Crafting customer profiles and share with you some real user statistics. 

  • Competitor Analysis | Beyond tracking your competitor's web traffic, we also analyse their positioning to help you find your competitive advantage.

  • Marketing Ideas & Content Creation | This is where the fun is! We help find ways to create creative content that still reflects your brand values and business needs. 

  • Content Design and Publishing | Once you've made an asset you love, publish it directly to LinkedIn (for now, other channels are on the way). 

Join us now and sign up here.